Protecting the Lake Is Critical

Updated: Mar 31

Did you know that Oconee County Council is the only authority that can change or modify Lake protections like Section 38? John A. Elliott supports lake protections.

From fishing tournaments, to recreational skiing, to cabin vacations and beautiful lake homes with mountain views, there are numerous reasons to protect Lake Keowee across our entire county.

Do you know that there is a lake overlay and several specifications that are in place today beyond what Duke Energy protects that keep Oconee beautiful? Vote for John to ensure these protections stay in place!

The lake overlay is the key provision in the zoning ordinance that protects the upscale residential nature of Lake Keowee. It prohibits all non-residential development unless approved in a Special Exception public hearing before the Board of Zoning Appeals. The 25’ buffer protects the water and preserves the natural vegetative appearance of the lake. The 65’ height restriction precludes high-rise developments and the density limit of 2/acre seeks to minimize the loading on the lake. The overlay extends 750’ from the 800’ boundary of the lake and applies to not only lakefront properties but those close by. Without the overlay, any property on or near the lake not zoned residential, of which there are many, would be subject to any commercial enterprise developers could envision. Think tall condos, marinas with high-rise boat storage, short-term rental cabins, and the like. There was once even a proposal for small rental cabins with tiny garages catering to the over-the-road motorcycling crowd. Anyone familiar with Lakes Norman or Lanier will have an idea of what can occur. In the past few years, the BZA has rejected several commercial developments proposed on the lake that were incompatible with neighboring residential communities.

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